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The Raven King explains Copyright
celestial elf (guest) 28 May 2010 18:48
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Loved The Raven King so much,
but in wanting to make films based on him, as well as getting Susanna Clarkes authorial permission, i had to consult him over Copyright and useage….

The Raven King explains Copyright by celestial elf (guest), 28 May 2010 18:48
tayshertot (guest) 18 Sep 2009 20:53
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Who was John Uskglass?

question .. if u r talking about strange and norell yea u r right but what abot uskglass ? think not only about the famous book ,and not about the prophecy he was reputed to write but think.. who the hell was this man? ne ideas ? the guy governed a land in hell for god sakes !!! say something about that not the magicians strange and norell who brought magic to the world after it was gone but the one who brought most of it in the first place !!! which is the harder feat to accomplish ? bringing ur magic to a world ignorant of it than the feat of reading studying and mirroring someone elses work … its basically cheating !!!! strange .. yes .. ill admit had a talent for magic bot norrell was a fake as fake and lame as the theoretical magicians he despised so much !!! all he did different was actually try to create magic in the ignorance of his youth!!!! and as this forum is called who was he ? uskglass not ,strange or norell but the raven king himself ….yea

w? by tayshertot (guest), 18 Sep 2009 20:53
The King's woman.
Praavita (guest) 24 Mar 2009 09:26
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Who was John Uskglass?

Through the book he was like a shadow in the background. A large dark looming shadow. I just wanted him to step out into the light. I want to know more about John Uskglass.

I reached out my hand; England's rivers turned and flowed the other way;
I reached out my hand; my enemies's blood stopt in their veins;
I reached out my hand; thought and memory flew out of my enemies' heads like a flock of starlings;
My enemies crumpled like empty sacks.
I came to them out of mists and rain;
I came to them in dreams at midnight;
I came to them in a flock of ravens that filled the northern sky at dawn;

Magic shall be written upon the sky by the rain but they shall not be able to read it;
Magic shall be written on the faces of the stony hills but their minds shall not be able to contain it;
In winter the barren trees shall be a black writing but they shall not understand it.

Powerful words.

The King's woman. by Praavita (guest), 24 Mar 2009 09:26

There's a chance no one has heard of these people, but I think the relationship between Norrell and Strange resembles that between Aleister Crowley and Israel Regardie… except that Strange an Norrell never had sex. If anyone knows Crowley and Regardie, I would love to hear your thoughts!

(I mean as Regardie was writing the Tree of Life and the Middle Pillar, by the way.)

But, more to the point, John Uskglass rekindled my old love of folklore, and so in my opinion is by far the best character. Although one cannot overlook the charm of Vinculus!

Not yet finished this magical piece of literature but remain captured by its brilliance. Our North isn't just about derelict wastelands as well the author seems to know.
To walk within its untamed hills is to experience an enchantment only known to itself. If only our inner cities and broken unemployed communities could feel and see it then what magic that would be.

Strange was by far the most complex of characters. He reset magical history by nearly 300 years. In Oregon we know about magic for it flows from our rivers, stones, trees and sky. It is indeed a magical place.

I am from Oregon, I just finished the book, I love John Uskglass' character, but Lady Pole was by far my favorite

Chelsey by Anonymous (67.171.198.x), 16 Mar 2008 22:07

i´m from spain, and I only want to say that Jonh Uskglass is the best caracter in the world. I´ve fallen in love whith him and he is de esence of this book.

by Anonymous (87.217.73.x), 13 Feb 2008 21:15
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